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Blood Group Tells Personality BLOOD GROUP O BLOOD GROUP A BLOOD GROUP B BLOOD GROUP AB In a nutshell Cannot stand people who hide the truth Pessimistic and too sensitive Cannot take orders easily Romantic and sentimental Basic Behavior Make objectives clear Careful about decision- making Make decisions fast Extremely practical Possess great deal of confidence Make things clear in black and white Can be flexible Excellent in analyses onest! optimistic and energetic Care
  Blood Group Tells Personality   BLOODGROUP OBLOODGROUP ABLOOD GROUPBBLOOD GROUPAB    In anutshell  Cannot stand people whohide the truthPessimisticand toosensitiveCannot take orderseasilyRomantic andsentimental  Basic Behavior  Makeobjectivesclear Careful aboutdecision-makingMake decisionsfastExtremely practical Possess greatdeal of confidenceMake thingsclear in black and whiteCan be flexibleExcellent inanalyses onest!optimistic andenergetic Care too muchabout socialrules andstandards o not care aboutrules   #ive fair criticisms Respect scientificand practicalfindingsCannot decidewhen it comes toimportant issues Tolerance $trength andendurancedepend ontheir aimigh tolerancefor physical or repetitive work Maintain thelongest interest inwhat they do%ry to be hard-working #ive up easilyif they find the jobmeaninglessCannot takechanges easily $eem impatient%end to beimpatient &ose interestin a hobbyeasily islike repetitiouswork     How dothey seetheir  future and  past? Positive aboutthe past! thusdo not regretabout the past%ry hard toforget the pastard to forgetrecent affairs! butable to forget pastand memories$entimental aboutthe past $eek financialstability for thefuture Pessimisticabout thefuture More concernabout theimmediate problems thananything else   How dotheyexpresstheir  'sually stableand calm(ble to displaycool outlook even thoughangryExpressive$entimental  emotions? $ensitivetowardssincerity$hort-temperedCool and objective'sually cool andsteady! but can getupset with animmediate!unsolved problem #ive frank!direct opinions%ake longer toheal a brokenheart(lthough joke alot! could actually be very shy Can get moodyeasily $ensitive toothers)opinionsChange moods likethe weather  Cannot stopcomplaining whenthey are upset   How dotheywork? (bility toconcentratevary from timeto time!depending onaim PerfectionistCreative and possess new ideas(ble to handle awide scope of jobs Mostly prefer to leadandle onething at a timeCannotdifferentiate between work andhobby*alue hard work Can overlook details+ork a line between work and personalaffairsCannot take orders,uick inunderstanding ighlyresponsible o not hesitate tointroduceinnovative changesand are not worriedabout theirscriticisms  ot highlyresponsible andunable to follow-up on a projectuntil itscompletion %end to choosehobbies whichhelp themrelease stress %end to be artisticin approach  Did You Know?   .lood type and Rhow many people have it/  0 1 23 40 -5 4( 162 4( -7 4. 18 4. -9 4(. 16 4(. -9 4 MOST IMPORTANT INFO NOW:  You Can Receive   If Your TypeIs   0-01.- .1(-(1(.-(.1 (.1:E$:E$:E$:E$:E$:E$:E$:E$(.-:E$   :E$   :E$:E$   (1:E$:E$   :E$:E$   (-:E$   :E$   .1:E$:E$:E$:E$   .-:E$   :E$   01:E$:E$   0-:E$  
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