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LIN Protocol Properties
  1 ã June - 2014 Basics of In-Vehicle Networking (IVN) Protocols  2 ã June - 2014 Available IVN Protocols There are many Bus Systems used in a car but... It is becoming clear that regardless of carmaker, new vehicles will be made using LIN for the lowest data-rate functions, CAN for medium speed, MOST for the high-speed data rates and FlexRay, for safety- critical applications such as steer- and brake-by-wire. …   “ Automotive Industries, 2005 ”    3 ã June - 2014 LIN Overview ã LIN = 12 V, single-wire serial communications protocol based on the common SCI (UART) byte-word interface ã Maximum speed = 20 kb/s (EMC/clock synchronisation) ã Master controls the medium access: no arbitration or collision management, guaranteed latency times ã Clock synchronization mechanism by slave nodes (no need for quartz or ceramics resonator) ã Nodes added without HW/SW changes in other slave nodes ã Typically < 12 nodes, (64 identifiers & relatively low transmission speed) Like in a classroom situation, the LIN ‘master’ initiates the response of the other participants     4 ã June - 2014 LIN Applications ã Mirrors, window lift, doors switches, door lock, HVAC motors, control panel, engine sensors, engine cooling fan, seat positioning motors, seat switches, wiper control, light switches, interface switches to radio/navigation/phone, rain sensor, light control, sun roof, RF receivers, body computer/smart junction box, interior lighting, and more Steering Wheel: cruise control, wiper, turning light, climate control, radio, telephone Climate: small motors, control panel Engine: sensors, small motors Roof :rain sensor, light sensor, light control, sun roof Seat: seat position motors, occupancy sensor, control panel Door: mirror, central ECU, mirror switch, window lift, seat control switch, door lock

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Jul 23, 2017


Jul 23, 2017
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