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Hi! It's Hannah from Eat Carbs to Lose Fat ( and here is my FREE Top 20 Fat Loss Tips for you! Please send me an email at if you have any questions!
  Thank you for subscribing to my newsletters! I really appreciate your support! My newsletters will always be free and I will give you interesting info on fat loss and lots and lots of vital tips. If you haven’t already, please allow to your email whitelist, so none of my newsletters will be blocked by your email service. I will never share your email address with anyone. I hate spammers.  re you tired of the dieting merrygoround  re you tired of restricting every single measly calorie you eat  re you tired of gaining every pound back you lose from dieting #ead more about it below, with my Top 20 Tips for Effective Fat Loss !$ever will you have to restrict or monitor you calorie intake to lose weight. It is as simpleas eating the right foods and eating until you are full. There are a few more things to thisthough that will help you keep the weight off for good, for the rest of your life! I en%oy helping people like you, people who want to know all there is to losing the fat for good. I have a passion to help, and if anything in my newsletters do not make sense, please don’t hesitate to email at my personal email address& I will gladly help you with answering any 'uestions you may have on your weight loss  %ourney. (incerely, Hannah McCreless )* +isclaimer& I am not a doctor and this diet plan is not a means to prevent, reverse, or cure any disease.  lways communicate with your doctor before starting any weight loss plan or eercise regime. My Top - Tips for /ffective 0at 1oss  1. First of all, drop all animal-products from your diet, including meat, dairy, and eggs.   This is the most basic necessity of this diet. nimal products are full of cholesterol, saturated fat, devoid of fiber, and low in water content. They also have very limited amounts of carbohydrates, which are our primary fuel we use for energy. There is nothing found in animal products that we cannot find from plant foods and the sun )vitamin +*. 23- is an eception, but it is found in our soil, the animals eat the grass and soil and in turn get 23- in their muscle tissue )meat*. I talk all about 23- in number -. 2. Load up on high carb plant foods & veggies, root veggies, potatoes, sweet potatoes, winter s'uashes, beans, lentils, whole grains )e& brown rice, 'uinoa, etc.*, whole wheat products )I don4t find a problem with gluten*, whole fruits, and the occasional nut5seed. 3. Donate or simply get rid of all junk food and non-plan food items  out of your pantry. This is very important, or you might fall victim tothem if they’re there staring you in your face. 4. Drop all overtly fatty foods   )11 oils, avocados at first, animal products*. 5. Eat to your hearts content , never count your calories or restrict! 6. /at in abundance! Eat until you are satisfied   and don’t want to eat anymore. 7. lant-based carbs are your friends . 0at and high protein animal areyour enemies. 8. !eep it lo fat 6 stick to planitems or you may be counteractive in your weight loss goals. The fat you eat is the fat you wear. 9. The ratio you ant to maintain   )roughly* is 789 carbohydrate calories,39 fat calories, and 389 protein calories. It doesn’t have to be eact. This is %ust a helper for you to see if you are on track. :ou can monitor the ratios you eat at and sign up for a free account. 10. Don#t count your calories . +on’t restrict your calories, e& by only eating 38 calories and that’s it. If you do, you will damage your metabolism and hinder your fat loss goals. (imply eat until you are full and the food does not taste delicious any more.  11. 0or maimum fat loss, have $%& to $%2 of your plate to be full of non-starchy vegetables  )e& spinach, mied vegetables, broccoli, cauliflower, summer s'uash etc.*. The remaining 2%& or $%2 to be full of satisfying starchy vegetables' grains' or legumes )e& potatoes, yams, winter s'uash, rice, whole grain grains, pasta, beans, etc.* 12. Drink plenty of ater    throughout the day. This may be difficult at first but a lot of times when you think you are hungry you are actually thirsty. +rink at least ; cups of water per day, more if you eercise or are lightly active. <ater flushes out toins, salt retention, and fills you slightly up before each meal. 13. Lo er your salt intake . This will be very easy if you eat whole plantbased foods as the plan recommends. =unk foods and animal products tend to be loaded in salt. $ever add salt to the disk you are cooking. >nly season with salt  0T/# you cook it, when it is on your plate. This will make you taste the salt moreand cause you to add less. 14. Drop the scale . +on’t weight yourself in the beginning. :ou can weigh maybe how much you are before you start, %ust for reference though6 but don’t continually weight yourself every day like most dieters do. This will throw you off and make you think you are gaining actual 0T if the numbers go up, but in reality you could be gaining simply weight from food weight, water weight from the water you drink, fiber bulk weight )in your intestines*, or muscle weight. Measure your fatloss by how loose or tight your same clothes feel )%ust don’t shrink them in the dryer haha*. 15. /ngage in light' fun' and easy (e)ercise *   every other day for about ? minutes a day. radually work your way up and don’t do anything strenuous at first )e& walk your dog, fast walk, fun tennis, ride your bike down the street, eplore, pick flowers, garden, etc.*. 16. +et plenty of sleep and rest . If you are a typical adult, you need at least ; hours of sleep a day for effective fat loss and a strong metabolism. <hen you are lacking on sleep, your levels of cortisol raises, and your amount of leptin lowers. Aortisol is the midsection fatstorage hormone. :ou definitely do not want a lot of cortisol. 1eptin is a hormone we need a lot of that makes our hunger drivessatisfied. Bave you ever noticed that you are hungrier the net day you didn’t sleep much This is why. 17. Don#t stress out so much . This is as e'ually important as sleep. Aortisol levels will increase and leptin decreases when you are stressed out. Aortisol is sort of a famine hormone that stores your fat for the stressful period. Myhelpful tip is to C+on’t sweat the small stuff!D +aily motivation helps greatly with stress. It’s as simple as waking up and sitting down on your bed, crossing your legs in a comfy spot, closing your eyes, and taking deep gentle breaths in for a few seconds, holding it for a couple seconds, and releasing out. If you do this at  the start of your day you will have a more positive outlook on life and your stress levels won’t be as high. 18. Do something you love to do ith someone else , socialiEe with your friends, go to the mall and look around. <hen you have someone by your side, you are more likely to remain positive in your fat loss efforts and continue to motivate yourself. 19. Don#t eat out at restaurants all the time , unless you can’t help it. There are always plan choices at restaurants. If you’re at a 22F restaurant with someone, order a large plain baked potato )or - or more if they are tiny* with a side salad )very light dressing, no animal based products Gmilk, butter, eggs, etcH*. If you’re at a Ahinese restaurant, order a bowl or two of plain steamed rice, a bowlof vegetable or hot and sour soup, and steamed vegetables. =ust be sure to tell the wait staff to limit the oil or none at all and low salt. If you’re at a 2uffetstyle restaurant, there are plenty of choices  baked sweet potatoes5potatoes, rice, vegetables, salad, bean dishes, etc., %ust make sure that what you choose has no animal products in it. nother thing, don’t be afraid to (J an employee what is in a dish. If they 'uestion your motives, they are really bad wait staff6 you can say I’mallergic to dairy, eggs, and meat makes me feel bad. I want low salt and low to no oil because my doctor told me so. +on’t let anyone demotivate you from staying on track. (ocial gatherings should not be solely based on food, but should be about communion, socialiEing, and learning. 20. (upplements  Knless you have a medical condition diagnosed by a doctor, are pregnant, or a growing child, there is no reason to supplement . Llant foods are rich in vitamins5minerals, and as long as you are not starving yourself and eating enough variety, you will surely get all you need. There is one eception& supplement with vitamin 23- )Methylcobalamin* every few days. 23- is made from the soil by weird little bacteria fellows. (ince we wash all of our plants thoroughly before eating them, we wash nearly all of the 23- away. <e only need about -. micrograms of 23- a day, but nearly all supplements have a huge amount, so that is why every few days should suffice. :ou could take a 23-supplement every day if you wanted to, but you might be wasting some of it downthe toilet. lso, if you live in a cold winter climate year round, pregnant, or never go outside )which is a bad idea anyways*, you may need to supplement with vitamin +?. :ou need ; units vit+ per day. >f course, the best way to determine how much vit+ you really need is to test get your blood tested.
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