Tyler Durden and Mystery - Building Jealousy Into a Sarge

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  Topic:Building Jealousy into a sarge (1 of 5), Read 433 times Conf:>> Tactics / TechniquesFrom:TylerDurden tylerdurden9982@hotmail.comDate:Monday, May 26, 2003 07:07 AM Insights from hanging with Mys this weekend. Building jealousy into a sarge. At a certain point in the sarge of an elite level girl in a public venue, you will be concerned about keeping her on her toes. This is because elite level hot girls have many many options, so you need to really get to them.A solution to this is to build JEALOUSY into the sTopic:Building Jealousy into a sarge (2 of 5), Read 402 times Conf:>> Tactics / TechniquesFrom:ijjjji ijjjji@yahoo.comDate:Monday, May 26, 2003 08:27 AM DEMONSTRATE is good. Do it! TALK is bad IME. Be very careful with this. Chicks are incredibly GOOD at reading people and playing these kind of mind games.Oh yeah! I have found a way to DEMONSTRATE that is very easy to do. It is also incredibly effective and must be used sparingly and with care. From an old post 'cute guy emulation':-------------------------------------------------------------------------------OK, yesterday, I was talking to the hottest (HB9) girl I've seen in a longtime, and I was doing CGM and sending 'No, don't hit on me.. pleease behave!'looks right and left while fluff talking to her about pointless shit.Then this happens: one of the girls I target with CGM goes straight into sexualstate.. .. .. guess what, so do I.. and thats when I see it: there is likelightning sparks coming from HB9s eyes. She is totally MAD WITH FRUSTRATION!She does NOT like me going into sexual state with other girls! She freak-hatesit. So I do it a few more times to random girls, and HB9 comes closer.. putsher hand on my thigh.. holds my head to keep my attention on her.. says let'sget out of here .. starts grinding against my groin.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------I have refined this tech slightly, so now I have like 3 different types of eye contact that I use:Happy smile lookOh behave smile lookDAMN you are soo HOT lookTry it out and notice that even the hottest SHBs will bend over backwards to fight for your full attention :-)TOP | Post | Reply | Reply/Quote | Email Reply | Delete | Edit Previous | Next | Previous Topic | Next Topic | Entire TopicTopic:Building Jealousy into a sarge (3 of 5), Read 403 times Conf:>> Tactics / TechniquesFrom:TylerDurden tylerdurden9982@hotmail.comDate:Monday, May 26, 2003 08:42 AM On 5/26/03 8:27:00 AM, ijjjji wrote: >DEMONSTRATE is good. Do it!>>TALK is bad IME. Be very>careful with this. Chicks are>incredibly GOOD at reading>people and playing these kind>of mind games.Agreed. I've had bad experiences in the past as well. However if you're very good at it, its extremely effective.Remember that even if she suspects what you're doing, if you do it convincingly enough it will STILL get to her.This is all dependant on how secure you come off in the first place. If you appear to have the personality type of a guy who would pull a stunt like this, she'l  l see though it. If you've got the PUA thing going for you really well though, then it will hit her hard.-TDTOP | Post | Reply | Reply/Quote | Email Reply | Delete | Edit Previous | Next | Previous Topic | Next Topic | Entire TopicTopic:Building Jealousy into a sarge (4 of 5), Read 336 times Conf:>> Tactics / TechniquesFrom:Mystery embracetheunknown@hotmail.comDate:Monday, May 26, 2003 06:31 PM ADVANCED GROUP THEORY tactics: this is for people who enjoy attracting HOT BEAUT IFUL WOMEN - designed for getting 10s. if you dont specifically want 9s and 10s and prefer to just settle for 7s and 8s, you can skip this post.what TD is talking about is what happened to me last night. Im working a 2set at a club. obstacle leaves to chat with friends luckily so Im isolated. I work her some 20 minutes and its all good. I want to get closer with her (she's an asian 8.5) to I head to the couches. She sits beside me and a guy friend of hers comes and sit beside her to a bit. the body language reveals they are interested in eachother. I mean, there was light hand holding, close contact, her hand on his back ... and I was TOTALLY JEALOUS. I got through attract phase (hell at one point I said, you're attracted to me and she looked at me for 5 seconds and said coyly, how do you know? and I replied esp . she laughed and looked down.) and was into rapport for 10 minutes. in fact TD came around with 26 and I whispered, ok Im gonna pull back and just rapport her. I was going to go kino (well I held her hands and got her close to me during attract phase but no arm around her and rubbing her neck and doing the hair pull thing yet) but then this guy was here. so the only choice I had was BEFRIEND HIM. Now I was able to get him to say  that was incredible thanks to my vanishing a cigaratte (no big magical powers there haa) and I was attempting to OWN HIM. you know, own the men and you own the women . and I did good in that I said, its too bad Im gay or you'd be so my type to the girl in front of him. I didnt bother correcting this and saying it was a joke to him. although she knew I was definitely kidding. well he wasnt leaving (it was obvious to me he was protecting his PROPERTY ... this is normal, Id do it too ... hell I did it the night before with a girl I had kissed and met 2 weeks earlier (the girl of a 2set that came over to my house directly from club) when she was talking to a guy and I came up and whispered, you taking good care of my girl? then came behind her and kissed her neck. I blew him out.) well this guy with my asian target was simply trying to blow me out. I didnt faulter and get mad and GIVE UP. I stayed and chatted with the guy because, I have no RIGHT to be jealous right? well, I said Id be back and went off to find TD. this was an epiphany for me. This situation actually SUBJECTIVELY GOT TO ME ... emotionally. it TRIGGERED JEALOUSY. so I instantly looked at this OBJECTIVELY and thought, this is fucking POWERFUL! Hell, Ive DONE this to many girls before. (Taylor for one! that night I fucked her!) it would happen when I would merge groups. you know, Id get a girl attracted and then a girl from a previous set would come by and sit on my lap and Id introduce the two girls. this is how I got (who I fucked later on) when she knew (visiting from ) was there with me. this is why ADVANCED GROUP TACTICS (merging groups to build social proof) was so valuable. Ahha! This is a new distinction. That the perfect sarge needs this to totally speed up the sarge ... from 7 hours to a LOT LESS. there is NO REASON for her to be jealous ... until AFTER the ATTRACT PHASE. So, while in RAPPORT PHASE when you are NOT HITTING ON HER just laughing and spending time (AFTER QUALIFICATION!!!) imagine a girl comes and sits on your lap. you intro the two and VOILA! instant EMOTIONS! see, we need to build PLOTLINES into our sarge consciously (like NEGS are really build a plotline between target and you - that the group is aware of the social dynamic that you and the target arent getting along and that draws focus as people observe that situ). Why leave it to CHANCE as Ive been doing. I know to get a 10 (which is rare) I needed to MERGE GROUPS. but certain things didnt always take place. know I know that it is this JEALOUSY DEMONSTRATION in the RAPPORT PHASE that is NECCESSARY. It is NOW a part of my 7 steps! And so is the added use of EMBARRASSMENT NEGS in rapport phase. imagine a girl sits on your l  ap and then you say you have something on your nose and hand a tissue to the target to wipe it. JEALOUSY and EMBARRASSMENT. ok maybe THAT is WAY TOO MUCH. a girl could simply EJECT ... like I WANTED TO just on JEALOUSY ALONE. ok so after I reveled in my knew enlightenment, I returned and sat with her but across the coffee table away from her. did talk to her, just her room mate (the srcinal obstacle) and disarmed her and rapported her. there was a 10 with her BF sitting there too (the BF was my target's guys friend I presume by the similar style - you know, all you losers have to dress alike for some ungodly boring reason) I occupy myself with them and completely make the 10 want me (removed bitch shield completely haaa!) but the BF was there so I just toyed (if you ever meet me in person, ask me and Ill tell you the story it was good, I just dont wanna type it out) with them. now, what did my target do while she still sat beside the guy? well, she wasnt getting my attention anymore (see this is punishment/reward in action: she does something I dont like so I punish by active ignorance) so she mimes with her hands write your # down for me . I knod but dont do it as Im talking to the others. then 2 minutes later she says, do you have a pen? she writes her pager # down. I take it and put it in my pocket. I dont write one for her. We get kicked out the vip section just then (end of night) and I get up. she follows behind and hand shakes me. the tension was there. I mean, I was jealous and she was alienated. it was ..., new mods to MM:1) Use teasing negs AND embarrassment negs during attract phase as nessessary.2) Use embarrassment neg (one will do) in rapport phase and then demo active ignorance afterwards for a bit.3) make her JEALOUS by having a girl sit on your lap for a bit and you intro her.OK lets get to the details of HOW to do step 3.there are two ways to build in the jealousy plotline. most of us try to do it VERBALLY on the phone. we talk about other girls, but usually only in response to her telling us she has a BF or some shit right? so as always, its time we beat her to the punch. also, why TELL her when you can DEMO it. afterall, demonstraton is the secret key to a woman, not LANGUAGING as TJ Macky from Magnolia said. we'll get to ways to make her jealous verbally later, but there's nothing better than a live DEMO and PROOF that there is another girl and its not just TALK (which doesnt impact emotions like DEMOing: think about it ... which is more powerful, telling a girl girls like you or having 2 girls on your arm? telling a girl you are adventurous or showing a picture of you rock climbing?). how do with do this technically? I see TWO WAYS to make this situation happen:1) have a female wing or pivot who is in the know with you.2) build a pawn while in the club.So you can do a brief take-away (always leave something of yours to lock her in - last night while I was isolated with target, I wanted to talk to TD who came by for 20 seconds with 26 so I simply took my hat off and put it on her. LOCKS her IN! damn Im good!) and go find a girl from a previous set. tell her Im sitting over there with my friend. Let me introduce you. so when you come back you come back with a friend. of course this 'friend' sits on your lap. in otherwards, a previous sarge is MERGED with the new sarge but not GROUP to GROUP but ISOLATION to ISOLATION. (damn this is advanced stuff, I think Im writing this only for Style now haa). from the previous girls point of view, you introing her to one of your other 'friends' is respectful and its a rapport tactic. the friend being another hot girl helps with social proof (this is forward merging from that sarges POV). also she feels good when you kino her in front of the other hottie. but   from the target's POV, she's got a challenge on her hands and JEALOUSY. BAM!!!!If you cant merge (i was gonna say merge groups but its merge isolations cool distinction!) because you dont have ready pawns from previous sets, you can MAKE ONE WHILE YOU DO YOUR TAKEAWAY. so you run off and can enlist a girl to directly help you by saying, I like this girl. will you make her jealous for me? its a tool, but I prefer just sarging another set quickly and when you isolate the girl from that group, say, ive got my friend over there, let me introduce you. if you have a pivot, find her and tell her to find you and sit on your lap in 2 you have 3 options: find your pivot, enlist a girl to directly help you, backwards merge to a previous sarge or forwards merge by opening a new sarge and bringing her to the main with this all said, what is amazing is, IVE BEEN DOING THIS! but not all the time. this is why I kept saying to all my students that if you want a 10, you need to do ADVANCED GROUP THEORY (which is the application of MERGING GROUPS). so NOW its about MERGING ISOLATIONS too! I didnt always build jealousy and those are the ones that were more tenuous in securing.So make them jealous as a regular part of your game and you'll have a girl WANTING YOU. trust me, I wanted this girl because there was someone ELSE. and she became more ATTRACTIVE to me. Value wise, she went from 8 to 10 in my heart (when I say heart I mean emotional mind ) because she was desired, he was good looking, and she showed intimacy which I was jealous huh. comments?ok quickly my thoughts on VERBAL JEALOUSY TACTICS. here are some handy examples, though nowhere near as emotive at DEMOing:1) on phone say, hold on I have another call. do this 3 or 4 times during convo and act annoyed. itll make you seem popular. Girls have done that to me and it works. Style does this to girls (well, for real but still - to her, whats the diff if you fake it. the way to internalize it is to fake it all the time.)2) you know how when you tell a girl as a joke you are gay it sets a challenge and then when you are kissing and she says, I thought you were gay you say, I was ? well, you can also throw in the fact that you have a GF. A girlfriend of mine ... and I don't my girlfriend would like it that you're flirting with me  are good ones. dont worry about blowing yourself out because when the girl says, I thought you have a GF you say, you want me to be single dont you? so you can have me. you LIKE ME!!! Haa, I THOUGHT that would make you jealous. dont reply, I was like with the gay bit.DEFINITION: BTW, a BIT is a length of thread. a piece of thread. a BIT of thread.3) usually we try to make a girl jealous TOO LATE. and then we do the dumbass thing and just tell her, well, there's another girl. horrible. so ...we need more JEALOUSY TACTICS. I now completely see the power and it should be integrated into EVERY SARGE. well, that is, only is you want to fuck 10s.Comments appreciated.Jealousy is a powerful motivator (or emotivator). Horniness is NOT as strong a motivator for a girl. I mean, which is better: a girl who feels horny but is in a club with her friends (like the asian chick at a club that I left TD with) or a
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