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  Victoria Alexander Booklist Effington Family 1. The Wedding Bargain  (1999) – dragoste de proba 2. The Husband List   (2000) – cum sa alegi sotul potrivit3. The Marriage Lesson  (2001) – lectia de dragoste4. The Prince's Bride  (2001)5.  Her Highness, My Wife  (2002)6.  Love with the Proper Husband   (2003)7. The Lady in Question  (2003)8. The Pursuit of Marriage  (2004)9.  A isit fro! ir #icho$as  (2004)10. When We Meet Again  (2005)11.  Let %t Be Love  (2005) Last Man Standing 1.  A Litt$e Bit Wic&ed   (2007)2. What a Lady Wants  (2007)3. ecrets of a Proper Lady  (2007)4. eduction of a Proper ent$e!an  (2008) Harrington Brothers 1. The irgin's ecret   (2009)2.  (esires of a Perfect Lady  (2010) Sinful Family Secrets 1.  His Mistress By )hrist!as  (2011) – caile ebauite ale iubirii2.  My Wic&ed Litt$e Lies  (2012) – micile miciui ale dragostei Novels ã *esterday and +orever   (1995) ã The Perfect Wife  (1996) ã  Princess and the Pea  (1996) ã  !peror's #ew )$othes  (1997) ã  Be$ieve  (1998) ã  P$ay %t Again a!  (1998) ã  Paradise Bay  (1999) ã The Perfect Mistress  (2011) ã What Happens At )hrist!as  (2011) ã canda$ous adventures of the sister of the bride -./0 ã The i!portance of being wic&ed -./0 ã  Lord sti$we$$s ece$$ent engage!ents -./0  Omnibus ã The #ight Before )hrist!as1 Pro!ises to 2eep 3 #aughty or #ice 3 anta 4eads  4o!ance 3 ift for anta  (1996) (!it #adra $ill% &ara 'o ad  elle *c+at er ) ã anta Paws  (1997) (!it   ia ,oombs% -ie imberli ad *iriam /ater) ã The )at's Meow  (1998) (!it ia ,oombs% ,oral #mit #ae ad ,ollee # ao) ã ecrets of a Perfect #ight   (2000) (!it /ac el ibso ad #tep aie aures) ã The 5ne That ot Away  (2004) (!it i ,arlle% loisa 'ames ad ,at  *a!ell)

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