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Virus a Addendum2 5 2
  Important additions and remarks for the VIRUS b/kbPlease visit our homepage to download software updates and the latest news.  Software AddendumKapitel | 2  Content 3Installing the software update5The user interface of the VIRUS b/kb6The vocoder of the VIRUS8The parameters of the VIRUS vocoder12Notes about the vocoder:13The ring modulator13512 single-patches13Compare mode14Unison mode14New keymode: HOLD14New arpeggiator functions15Parameter scroll16The new modulation matrix16LFO-3 clock17LFO synchronisation and triggering17Mainswitch for MIDI clock receive17Priority18New dump functions18Multi program change19Controller dump19Extended Panic functionality20Bank/Program change via SysEx20Bipolar chorus feedback21The keyboard version of the Virus: The Virus kb21Local off and „Three in One“24The Keyboard-Modes28Menu Overview VIRUS b und kbCopyright 1999 access music electronics, germany.Please visit our website at to download the lastest subrelease of the VIRUS operating system and read the latest news.DTP and PDF creation by Babylonwaves Media, Cologne. by Marc Schlaile ( Thanks to Andrea Mason who wasfoxed by the lingo :-)  Software AddendumKapitel | 3  Installing the software update Dear Virus-User,the VIRUS operating system consists of two parts, ”first25x.mid” and ”secon25x.mid”.The file ”first25x.mid” contains the actual operating system; the file ”secon25x.mid”holds the factory single and multi-patches. Upload the file ”secon25x.mid” only if not discribed in a different way in the read-me file which comes with the softwareversion. The single and multi-sounds in ”secon25x.mid” are being stored into theflash-ROM (like the operating system) and can be accessed via bank C and DIf you’ve already created and stored sounds into your VIRUS, you should perform abulk dump into your sequencer, for safety reasons (this can be done in the MIDImenu which can be accessed by pressing the CONTROL key) Installing the software update g Switch your VIRUS off. g Load the file ”first.mid” into your sequencer and make sure you have chosen theright MIDI channel and port settings. g Ensure that the MIDI clock option is disabled (mixing SysEx data and the MIDIclock can lead to malfunctions of your MIDI interface). g Hold the STORE key while switching your VIRUS on until the display shows”SYSTEM UPDATE Receive”. g Now press the STORE key again to activate the receive mode. g Start your sequencer to playback the MIDI-file.At this stage, you should be able to watch the VIRUS counting up the received blocks.If the display shows ”RECEPTION FAILED,” then a transmission error has occurred. Thiscan be caused by a buffer overrun of the MIDI interface. In this case, you will need toupload the entire file again. Lower the tempo of your sequencer before uploading(e.g. 60 bpm). To proceed, press any key followed by STORE which will again enablethe receive mode.After a successful upload, press STORE to burn the new operating system into theflash-ROM.  Software AddendumKapitel | 4Never switch off the VIRUS while burning the data! Please ensure stable powerconditions during this procedure which should take approximately 30 seconds. Assoon as the new software version is successfully burned, the VIRUS will request thatyou switch off. After switching the VIRUS on again, you can use the new operatingsystem!If you get the impression that the VIRUS is behaving unstable or indeed strange, wesuggest you perform a system reset. Holding the keys LFO 1 SHAPE and LFO 2SHAPE while switching the VIRUS on, performs a system reset. No data will be lostduring this procedure, although some system settings as ”Soft Thru” will be reset.Enjoy the new features,yours VIRUS-Developer-Team,Summer 1999  Installing the software update
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