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Watlow® XACTPAK® mineral insulated, metal-sheathed cable is ideally suited to solve a wide variety of problem applications.
  181  WATLOW  ® Mineral Insulated Cable ProductDescriptionPage XACTPAK  ®  Cable  XACTPAK  ®  cable is fireproof, high-pressure rated, cold and thermal shock resistant, gas tight, moisture proof, formable, weldable, corrosion resistant and high temperature rated. Diameters down to 0.020 in. (0.5 mm) and temperature ranges from 32 to 2700°F (0 to 1480°C). 183 Mi  n er  al  I  n s ul   a t   e d  C a b l   e  183  WATLOW  ® Mineral Insulated Cable  XACTPAK  ®  Cable Watlow’s XACTPAK  ®  mineral insulated, metal-sheathed cable is ideally suited to solve a wide variety of problem applications. The outer sheath can be made from any malleable metal in a wide range of diameters, containing single or multiple wires. Easily formed or bent, it can accommodate virtually any configuration. The outer sheath protects thermocouple or thermocouple extension wires from oxidation and hostile environments that would quickly destroy unprotected wire. The mineral insulations available provide excellent high temperature dielectric strength to ensure signals are carried faithfully to the instrumentation or controls. Performance Capabilities ã Available in standard and special limits of error accuracy ã Diameters from 0.020 to 0.5 in. (0.5 to 12.7 mm)ã Compliance with recognized agency tolerances and specifications ã Sheath materials available to withstand a wide variety of hostile and corrosive environments ã Calibrated for intended temperature rangeã Temperature ranges from 32 to 2200°F (0 to 1205°C)ã Cryogenic cable available upon request Features and Benefits Fireproof cable ã Performs where conventional insulated wires burn and degrade Fast and accurate ã Precisely measures temperature for a fast response Tight moisture and gas seals ã Resists contamination High pressure rating ã Allows use in pressure vessels and vacuum applications Form flexibility ã Adapts to virtually any application Thermal shock resistance ã Withstands thermal cycling Compact, durable and corrosion resistant ã Ensures long-life performance with minimum constraints on applications High temperature rating ã Meets demanding application needs Typical Applications ã Atomic research   ã Bearing temperature   ã Blast furnaces   ã Catalytic reformers   ã Diesel engines   ã Foodservice and beverage   ã Furnaces   ã Glass and ceramic   ã Heat treating   ã Instrument cabling   ã Jet engines and test cells   ã Kilns   ã Laboratory and research   ã Medical   ã Nuclear reactors   ã Power stations and steam generators   ã Refineries and oil processing   ã Rocket engines   ã Semiconductor processing ã Turbines   ã Vacuum furnaces  184  WATLOW  ® Mineral Insulated Cable  XACTPAK Cable Technical Data Quality Control and Testing  To maintain quality and consistency, XACTPAK cable is manufactured under carefully controlled procedures and rigid standards of cleanliness. Quality checks are made at critical points throughout the manufacturing process.Every coil of XACTPAK cable is thoroughly tested for continuity, insulation resistance, physical dimensions and physical appearance.Each lot, or batch of XACTPAK, contains raw materials (sheath, insulation, wires) from one production lot which eliminates the need to calibrate every thermocouple cut from a coil because of poor homogeneity. Samples from each lot are calibrated in Watlow’s modern calibration laboratory by highly skilled technicians. Unlike some manufacturers who calibrate at a few low temperature calibration points, Watlow calibrates throughout the range that matches the cable’s capabilities. Care, Handling and Fabrication of  XACTPAK Cable  To maximize performance advantages made possible by  XACTPAK cable’s overall premium quality, the following instructions covering its storage, handling and further fabrication should be followed. Storage   To prevent moisture from being absorbed by its hygroscopic mineral insulation, both ends of each length of XACTPAK cable are sealed at the factory. To further guard against moisture penetration, it is advisable to store  XACTPAK material in a dry place. Moisture   If XACTPAK cable is not adequately sealed, its insulation absorbs moisture. This lowers its electrical resistance and may prove to be troublesome in subsequent welding. Minor moisture penetration can be remedied by using a blow torch to heat the sheath. Apply the flame six to seven inches from the open end and slowly work the flame to and over the end. Reseal the end after it has cooled to about 180°F (82°C). Deep moisture penetration is unlikely, but if it occurs, the material may be baked at approximately 250°F (121°C) for 24 hours to increase its insulation resistance. If baking does not return the insulation resistance to acceptable levels, the material should be discarded. Cutting When pieces are cut from a length of XACTPAK cable, the exposed ends should immediately be squared and sealed. Squaring and sealing guards against possible contamination and removes any loosened insulation or distorted wire caused by cutting. A light pressure sanding with a 180-grit belt is the easiest method for rough squaring of 0.040 in. (1.016 mm) or larger diameter  XACTPAK cable. Applying hard pressure against the sanding belt causes excessive heat build-up which may “smear” the soft metal over the insulation. After sanding, a clean fine toothed file should be used to dress the squared ends. Each exposed end should be sealed to prevent moisture absorption. Inexperienced personnel may find 0.032 in. (0.813 mm) or smaller diameter XACTPAK cable difficult to handle and will probably prefer to have all cutting, stripping and fabricating done at the Watlow factory. Insulation Resistance   XACTPAK mineral insulated, metal-sheathed cable should have a minimum room temperature insulation resistance of 100 megohms when tested at 50VDC for both wires to sheath and wire to wire. All ceramics used in XACTPAK cable decrease in resistance as temperature increases. Shipping and Packaging   XACTPAK cable is stocked in random lengths from 20 feet (6 m) to the “Maximum Stock Lengths” listed in the tables on the following pages. We reserve the right to supply random lengths of our choice unless specific cut lengths are specified on the order.Upon request, XACTPAK cable can be furnished in other coil dimensions or shipped in straight form if necessary. Longer lengths are available for special order. Stripping  A hand stripping tool will readily remove the sheath from 0.020 through 0.125 in. (3 mm) diameter  XACTPAK cable. However, due to difficulty in working with 0.032 in. (0.8 mm) or smaller diameter material, it is recommended that small diameter material be ordered as factory stripped. Material larger than 0.125 in. (3.2 mm) diameter can be stripped on a lathe with a suitable tool bit or lathe-mounted stripping tool. It is also possible to strip larger sizes of XACTPAK cable by using a hacksaw to make a ring cut through the sheath at the desired distance from the end. Hammering the severed portion of sheath at several places will break up the insulation allowing the sheath to be slipped off.  185  WATLOW  ® Mineral Insulated Cable  XACTPAK Cable Technical Data  (Continued)  After stripping, the exposed conductors should be sandblasted or cleaned with emery cloth. The exposed ends should be resealed immediately after completion of the stripping operation. Forming   Because XACTPAK cable’s sheath is dead soft and bright annealed, it can be formed and shaped to most contours without risk of cracking. As a guideline, the sheath can be formed around a mandrel twice the sheath diameter without damage. Therefore, 0.125 in. (3.2 mm) diameter  XACTPAK cable can be wound around a 0.250 in. (6 mm) diameter mandrel. Welding  Due to of the delicate nature of the process and to avoid possible contamination, it is recommended that fabrication of “hot” or “measuring” junctions be done at the factory. If attempted in the field, a welding rod made from the same material as the sheath should be used with inert gas. Flux should not be used as it will contaminate the insulation.Other weldments, such as to a vessel or pipe, should be made in an inert atmosphere to prevent oxidation of the sheath. When working with XACTPAK cable of 0.040 in. (1.0 mm) outside diameter or less, extreme caution should be used not to burn through the sheath. How to Select XACTPAK Cable to Suit Your Requirements Watlow’s mineral insulated metal-sheathed cable section has been designed for ease of use so that the right cable is chosen for each application. The following items must be considered when selecting XACTPAK mineral insulated metal-sheathed cable: 1. Sheath Material   The sheath serves to isolate and protect the wires and insulation from contamination and mechanical damage.  There is no single sheath material that is appropriate for all conditions, so Watlow offers a wide variety.  Temperature, strength, corrosiveness, service life and cost must be considered when selecting a sheath material. 2. Calibration   Watlow stocks most ANSI/ASTM recognized thermocouple types. Watlow also manufactures cable with other wire alloys such as nickel, copper, nickel clad copper, 304 stainless steel, alloy 600 and virtually any malleable metal. 3. Insulation Material   Insulation separates conductors from each other and the outer sheath. When selecting an insulation, temperature rating, environment and cost must be considered. 4. Physical Characteristics  Diameter of the sheath and the wall thickness will directly affect the following: ã Time responseã Service lifeã Flexibilityã Pressure ratingã Strength 5. Specify Coil Lengths   Random—the factory selects 20 ft (6 m) minimum. Special—specify lengths and tolerance. Cut to length charges and minimum order quantities may apply.

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