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  Getting Started Weaving on theMajacraft Circular Loom suzy brown (WoolWench)  Copyright 2013 by Susan J. BrownAll rights reserved. No part o this course material may be reproduced in any orm or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any inormation storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing rom the author.  Weaving in Circles with your new Majacraft Circular Loom Getting Started  It might look a little bit like it, but we really didn’t try to reinvent the wheel here! What we have is a very simple tool or weaving circular pieces, using any yarn you like, and to turn into any-thing you can imagine making, with lots o circular shapes! Hats, cushions, wall art, stitch the circles together to make shawls, aghans, add them onto your existing clothing as patches (think the back o your denim jacket, how cool is that!). Tere are myriad uses or a beautiul reeorm circular weaving! And o course, we didnt just invent them, these have been around orever, and or inspiration you only need to look to the past activites o weavers to find things like ‘enner-iffe Lace’, with patterns totally adaptable or this kind o weaving and loom, and then look to the amazing 1970s wallhanging art in brown and orange or retro colour inspirations.. As always, everything has been done beore, but now its ‘our’ turn to revitalise, renew, reresh, and add our own 21st century twist!Tis tutorial will show you how to get started weaving on your new Circular loom, with the addi-tion o a couple o technique variations you can use to create interest and texture in your weaving.Its probably a good idea to make your first weaving with scrap yarns, as a practice weaving, beore staring out with your ‘precious’ yarns.Your warp thread should be airly thin, as it will build up in the middle where it crosses as you warp to opposite sides. It should also be good and strong! Start by attaching it to the back o the loom with a piece o tape, or you could just tie it on, makng sure it goes through the centre hole, rom ront to back. Once the warp is in place this end can be secured to the weaving itsel by sim-ply knotting it around the centre. Warping your loom
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