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Detailed programme Detailed programme 192 North Wing ROOM Registration Exhibition Area Area South Wing ROOM Suite 3 Suite 4 Suite 5 Suite 6 Suite 7 Suite 8 Brown Hall 1 Brown Hall 2 Brown Hall 3 LEVEL
Detailed programme Detailed programme 192 North Wing ROOM Registration Exhibition Area Area South Wing ROOM Suite 3 Suite 4 Suite 5 Suite 6 Suite 7 Suite 8 Brown Hall 1 Brown Hall 2 Brown Hall 3 LEVEL M +2 M +2 M +2 M :00 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:30 12:00 12:30 13:00 13:15 13:30 14:00 14:30 15:00 15:30 15:45 16:00 16:15 16:30 16:45 17:00 17:15 17:30 17:45 18:00 18:30 CIDOC CIDOC ICMEMO ICDAD ICAMT CAMOC ICLM MPR CIDOC CIDOC Silver Plenary Eco-museums ICDAD Eco-museums Eco-museums Joint Session CAMOC and ICR CECA White Hall 1 Red Hall 1 18:30 23:30 Concert in Duomo of Milan (20:00-21:00) and many other events in Milan! *The schedule of the Expo Forum can be found in the Detailed Programme part. Red Hall 2 Blue Hall 1 Blue Hall 2 Yellow Hall 1 MPR Yellow Hall 2 LEVEL :00 8:30 Registration 9:00 9:30 Museum Fair 10:00 and Expo Forum* 10:30 11:00 11:30 Coffee Break 12:00 Museum Fair 12:30 and Expo Forum* 13:00 13:15 Lunch Break 13:30 13:45 14:00 14:15 Museum Fair 14:30 and Expo Forum* 15:00 15:30 15:45 16:00 Coffee Break 16:15 16:30 Museum Fair 16:45 and Expo Forum* 17:00 17:30 17:45 18:00 18:30 Keynote Speech and Panel Discussion Membership Office Case Study Goppion MuseumLab ICMS Case Study YXLON International GmbH ICMS Joint Session INTERCOM and FIHRM Case Study MAE Joint Session INTERCOM and FIHRM Where ICOM from Exhibition CIDOC Yellow Hall 3 ICOFOM NATHIST ICOMON Case Study MiBACT Case Study Goppion MuseumLab ICOFOM NATHIST ICOMON North Wing Turquoise Hall 1 Turquoise Hall 2 Orange Hall 1 Orange Hall 2 Orange Hall 3 Green Hall 1 Green Hall 2 Green Hall 3 Meeting Room 3 Meeting Room 4 Meeting Room 5 Meeting Room LEVEL ROOM 8:00 8:30 9:00 Disaster Risk Management Committee 9:30 10:00 10:30 Ecomuseums CIPEG ICR CIMUSET Joint Session ICFA and COMCOL AVICOM ICOMAM ICME MDWG ICTOP 11:00 11:30 12:00 12:30 13:00 13:15 Mentoring Sessions for Young Professionals ICMAH Blue Shield Netherlands 13:30 13:45 14:00 14:15 14:30 ICOM-CC CIPEG CIMUSET ICFA AVICOM ICOMAM COMCOL ICTOP ICOM Russia 15:00 15:30 15:45 16:00 16:15 16:30 16:45 17:00 17:30 The Destruction of Memory realised by Tim Slade 17:45 18:00 18:30 South Wing Amber Hall 1 Amber Hall 2 Amber Hall 3 Amber Hall 4 Amber Hall 5 Amber Hall 6 Amber Hall 7 Amber Hall 8 ROOM LEVEL 9:00 CIMCIM 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:30 ICEE CIMCIM CECA CECA COSTUME UMAC ICOM Slovenia Joint Session ICOM Netherlands, CECA, ICOMOS NL, EXARC and ICOM MPR ICEE CIMCIM CECA COSTUME ICLM UMAC 12:00 12:30 13:00 13:15 13:30 14:00 14:30 15:00 15:30 Detailed programme Workshop on Guidelines for Women s and Gender-related museums UMAC 15:45 16:00 16:15 16:30 16:45 17:00 17:15 17:30 17:45 18:00 Concert in Duomo of Milan (20:00-21:00) and many other events in Milan! 18:30 18:30 23:30 193 Notes 08:00 18:30 Registration Area (North Wing - Level +1) Registration 08:30 18:00 White Hall 1 (North Wing - Level +2) Membership Office 09:00 18:00 Exhibition Area (North Wing - Level +1) Museum Fair & Expo Forum 09:00 11:00 Silver Plenary (North Wing - Level +2) Keynote Speech and panel discussion 09:00 09:45 Introduction George Abungu, Vice-President of ICOM Executive Council Keynote Speech David Throsby, Australia Australian economist, particularly well known as a cultural economist 09:45 10:40 Panel discussion Social role of museums: New migrations, new challenges David Fleming, Director National Museums Liverpool, President of Federation of International Human Rights Museums and President of Museums Association, United Kingdom Robin Hirst, Director Collections, Research and Exhibitions Museum Victoria, Australia Marlen Mouliou, CAMOC Chair, Faculty of History and Archaeology, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece Giusi Nicolini, Mayor of Lampedusa and Linosa, Italy The discussion will be led by Brenda Emmanus, BBC London News Art, Culture and Entertainment Correspondent 10:40 11:00 ICOM s new visual identity 09:00 18:00 Blue Hall 2 (North Wing - Level +1) Where ICOM from Exhibition 09:00-11:00 Turquoise Hall 1 (North Wing - Level -1) Disaster Risk Management Committee 09:00 11:30 Amber Hall 2 (South Wing - Level +2) CIMCIM Museums and Collections of Musical Instruments Musical instrument museums: Interpreting the present 09:00 09:30 A new exhibition model for Museum Collections: The TIDE Project Eric De Visscher, France 09:30 10:00 The Soldier s Musical Arsenal Cleveland Johnson, United States 194 Notes 10:00 10:30 The preservation of electronic musical instruments, a challenge in the face of technological obsolescences Thierry Maniguet, France 10:30 11:00 The MUSICES-Project: Making 3D-CT imaging more accessible to a wide range of stakeholders Sebastian Kirsch, Germany 11:00 11:30 Coffee Break 11:30 13:00 Amber Hall 2 (South Wing - Level +2) CIMCIM Museums and Collections of Musical Instruments General Assembly 10:40 11:00 Expo Forum (Exhibition Area) Museum Fair & Expo Forum Expo Forum: smartravel Chair: Alessandro D Amatto, Switzerland 10:40-11:00 smartravel Art in the palm of your hand! Alessandro D Amatto, Switzerland Enhancing the value of museum artworks through qualitative content written by industry experts and audio content registered in mother tongue by professionals, this easy-to-use smartphone application will make visitors experience unique. smartravel is not only a multimedia guide, but a complete service tailored to customers needs. 11:00 11:30 Exhibition Area (North Wing - Level +1) Coffee Break 11:15 12:00 Expo Forum (Exhibition Area) Museum Fair & Expo Forum Expo Forum: Giant Monkey Software Engineering GmbH Facilitating public access to the prussian cultural heritage using cutting edge technology Chair: Lion Vollnhals, Germany How the deployed technology facilitates visitors access to the divers offering of 19 museums in a single online shop. (Lion Vollnhals, Berlin, DE) How the deployed technology facilitates affiliate and reseller structures thereby increasing the museums reach. (Lion Vollnhals, Berlin, DE) How the deployed technology facilitates online booking of individual group offerings trough live availability checks. (Lion Vollnhals, Berlin, DE) Detailed programme 11:30 13:00 Red Hall 2 (North Wing - Level +1) ICMS Museum Security 11:30 12:00 Virtual reality and immersive environment for security of Movable Cultural Heritage Sergio Olivero, Italy 195 Notes 12:00 12:30 Making use of new technology to protect cultural heritage Stephane Thefo, France 12:30 13:00 The ICMS annual conference in Boston (USA) in 2017 Stephen St. Laurent, United States 11:30 13:00 Blue Hall 1 (North Wing - Level +1) Joint Session INTERCOM (Museum Management) and FIHRM (Federation of International Human Rights Museums) Politics and display Chair: Francoise McClafferty 11:30 11:40 Dancing with Lenins Kalle Kalio 11:40 11:50 Manichaen Museums Camilo Sánchez, Colombia 11:50 12:00 Ethics, social activism, and Human Rights Carla Prat, Mexico 12:00 12:10 The making of the museum for international democracy Changing politics Susana Meden, Argentina 12:10 12:20 From the historical reflection to civil consciousness: An experimental project to connect a history museum with present day issues Guido Vaglio, Italy 12:20 12:30 Panel debate 11:30 13:00 Yellow Hall 1 (North Wing - Level +1) ICOFOM Museology The predatory museum 11:30 12:00 Do predators go digital? Discussing museum ethics in the digital habitat Georgios Papaioannou Sofia Paschou 12:00 12:30 Du musée prédateur au musée symbiotique : L enrichissement de la collection des œuvres nouveaux médias dans les institutions muséales Ji Eun Park 196 Notes 12:30 13:00 Predatory act and story construction in art museums. About exhibitions display and its meaning Susanna Muston, Italy 11:30 13:15 Yellow Hall 2 (North Wing - Level +1) NATHIST Museums and Collections of Natural History Academic landscape 11:30 11:40 Outside the museum: Formative and interdisciplinary experiences Luciana Pasqualucci, Brazil 11:40 11:50 Enabling the urban landscape museum of architecture projects: Architetural project case studies of Natural History Museums done by graduate students the FIAM FAAM - UNIVERSITY CENTER - São Paulo - Brazil Ivanise Lo Turco, Brazil Dimas Bertolotti, Brazil Fernando Mauro Neto, Brazil Andrea Bartkevicius Cruz, Brazil 11:50 12:00 The geological time in Natural History Museums narrative: A comparative analysis Rebeca Bombonato, Brazil 12:00 12:15 Panel discussion Thematic landscape of ICOM NATHIST s meeting 12:15 12:30 Current challenges in the Natural History Museum sector: Results from a targeted focus group Eric Dorfman, United States 12:30 12:45 Museums in the Anthropocene: Toward the history of humankind within biosphere & technosphere Osamu Kamei, Japan 12:45 13:00 Evolution in our museums: Contributing to the cultural and scientific landscape for the XXI century Maria Isabel Landim, Brazil Detailed programme 13:00 13:15 Panel discussion 11:30 13:00 add separatioon Yellow Hall 3 (North Wing - Level +1) ICOMON Money and Banking Museums General Assembly 197 Notes 11:30 13:30 Turquoise Hall 1 (North Wing - Level -1) Eco-museums Plenary Session 11:30 12:30 Introduction of the theme Museums and cultural landscapes organized by the Network of Italian ecomuseums 12:30 13:30 Library of publications edited by the ecomuseums 11:30 13:00 Turquoise Hall 2 (North Wing - Level -1) CIPEG Egyptology Egyptological landscapes 11:30 12:00 Egyptology at the department of ancient orient in Pushkin Museum: Our first 100 years Olga Vassilieva 12:00 12:30 Ramesses the Great in Karlsruhe Anna Gnyp 12:30 13:00 Cosmogony and Theology of Hermopolis Magna. Tuna el-gebel as part of a ritual landscape from the Late to the Roman Period Regine Schulz 11:30 13:00 Orange Hall 1 (North Wing - Level -1) ICR Regional Museums General Assembly and elections 11:30 13:00 Orange Hall 2 (North Wing - Level -1) CIMUSET Museums and Collections of Science and Technology General Assembly 11:30 13:00 Orange Hall 3 (North Wing - Level -1) Joint Session ICFA (Museums and Collections of Fine Arts) and COMCOL (Collecting) Historic houses and their fine art Chair: Peter van Mensch 11:30 11:50 Interior ensembles: The added values of objects in their surroundings Eloy Koldeweij, The Netherlands 11:50 12:10 The Karen Blixen House: Contextualizing the interactions and collections of a baroness in Kenya Kiprop Lagat, Kenya 198 Notes 12:10 12:30 Fine art collection for Buddhist temple Tsogbayar Orkhon, Mongolia 12:30 12:50 The art of making art exhibitions. Giving new meaning and significance to the former artists residence of H.W. Mesdag Pascal Arts, The Netherlands 12:50 13:00 Discussion 11:30 13:00 Green Hall 1 (North Wing - Level -1) AVICOM Audiovisual and New Technologies of Image and Sound Internet festival of museum multimedia Media Geek: Cultural heritage Chair: Natalia Tolsataya 11:30 12:00 Internet Festival of Museum Multimedia Museum Geek : From national to international festival, a new communication channel with museum community: virtual and real Tatyana Pchelyanskya, Russia Olga Kissel, Russia 12:00 12: online platform development of the pilot festival in november 2016 Benedek Varga, Director of HNM Budapest Ildikó Fejes, Head of department, Hungarian National Museum Discussion 12:30 13:00 Preserving, sharing, and using sound and image content across cultures the SOIMA way ICCROM/SOIMA practice preservation and sharing Aparna Tandon Samuel Franco Arce 11:30 13:00 Green Hall 2 (North Wing - Level -1) ICOMAM Museums of Arms and Military History Dark memories as attractions in the cultural landscape; Good or bad examples of collections and items, monuments, memories, battlefields, forteresses, etc. 11:30 11:45 Ways of peace Le vie delle Pace, dedicated to the history of the former battlefield and serve not only as places of memory, but also a reminder to peace Christoph Hatschek, Austria Detailed programme 11:45 12:00 A bench, a mirror, a street-sign: Language of WWII s sensitive memory Dr. Pnina Rosenberg, Israel 199 Notes 12:00 12:15 The influence of the Soviet ideology on museum activities in Latvia during the 1940s 1960s and nowadays situation Juris Ciganovs, Latvia 12:15 12:30 Learning from the errors of the past: The Mob museum Marta Soligo, United States 12:30 12:45 Patarei A well-known but untold story of dark tourism in the context of architectural and cultural heritage. Hellar Lill, Estonia 12:45 13:00 Questions and discussions 11:30 13:00 Green Hall 3 (North Wing - Level -1) ICME Museums and Collections of Ethnography Borderlands and bridges: Art and identity Chair: Pauline van der Zee, Belgium 11:30 11:50 Multiculturalism and Ethnographic Museums in Israel: The case of a regional Bedouin Museum Havazelet Yahel, Israel Ruth Kark, Israel Noam Perry, United States 11:50 12:00 Migration as Art (MasA) Stephen Copland, Australia 12:00 12:10 Beyond the borders The museum as a pretext to encourage relation Sarah Gamaire, France 12:10 12:20 Developing a home place and interpretative communities in museums to challenge racism Dr. Patrizia Schettino, Switzerland 12:20 12:30 Questions and answers 12:30 13:00 Elections 11:30 14:00 Meeting Room 3 (North Wing - Level -1) MDWG Working Session 200 Notes 11:30 13:00 Meeting Room (North Wing - Level -1) ICTOP Training of Personnel 11:30 13:00 Suite 3 (South Wing - Level +2) CIDOC Documentation Project presentations: Archaeological archive standard and international core data standard for archaeological and architectural heritage Chair: Stephen Stead Pierre Choffe International core data standard for archeological and architectural heritage (CS) The documentation of buildings, monuments and archaeological sites, plays an essential role in promoting the understanding, conservation, preventive maintenance and preservation of the archaeological and architectural heritage. Within Europe, a wide range of recording methods are employed in the compilation of inventories, often within a national framework. The compilation of these inventories may have occurred for a variety of reasons. However, some of these reasons enjoy a more widespread currency, in particular those relating to the protection of cultural heritage, and to providing some form of public access to the information held. 11:30 13:00 Suite 4 (South Wing - Level +2) CIDOC Documentation Museum process implementation Chair: Walter Koch 11:30 12:00 The change of the museum documenting work processes in the digital era. The actual practices (e.g. SPECTRUM-Procedures, Business Process or Workflow Management,...) in this field. Walter Koch 12:00 12:30 Condition reporting in the digital era: A case study of articheck s applications in Fine Art collections and 15s Jennifer Hefner 12:30 13:00 Using modern technology to support museum activities. Case study: Estonians Deported to Siberia: Soviet Red Terror Andres Uueni 11:30 13:00 Suite 5 (South Wing - Level +2 M) ICMEMO Memorial Museums in Remembrance of the Victims of Public Crimes Member presentations Detailed programme 11:30 11:32 Introduction Daniel Dratwa 11:32 11:40 Memory, identity, patrimony, commemorations Gabriela Römer 201 Notes 11:40 11:48 Museum of Memory and Human Rights in Chile, cultural landscapes for memorial pedagogies Sigal Meirovich 11:48 11:56 People, place, and our past: Curatorial reflections on the interpretation of difficult histories Laura-Edythe Coleman 11:56-12:04 Finding the tone to speak on GULAG nationwide: Gulag History Museum and the Association of Memory Museums of Russia Anna Stadinchuk 12:04-12:12 The Memorial Park Kragujevački oktobar: Memorial park, museum and cultural events Katarina Babić 12:12-12:20 Artificial landscapes and meaning Jane E. Klinger 12:20-12:28 Challenging the social amnesia and politics of oblivion through the Hrant Dink Site of Memory, Istanbul Nayat Karakose 12:28-12:44 Questions and answers 12:44-13:00 ICMEMO Membership Meeting 11:30 13:00 Suite 6 (South Wing - Level +2 M) ICDAD Museums and Collections of Decorative Arts and Design Cultural landscapes from arts and crafts to decorative arts and design 11:30 11:45 Exchange Museum The new face on Bridgetowns cultural landscape. Allison-Faith Callender, Barbados 11:45 12:00 From craftsman to the designers-history of the Decorative Arts Museum in Georgia Irina Koshoridze, Georgia 12:00 12:15 Reframing ancient skills in present Chinese cultural museum landscapes Sofia Bollo 202 Notes 12:15 12:30 An ordinary extraordinare. A case study on Wazir Khan Mosque. Fatima Farooq, Pakistan 12:30 12:40 Discussion 11:30 13:15 add separatin Suite 7 (South Wing - Level +2 M) ICAMT Architecture and Museum Techniques Some players museums 11:30 11:40 Paper Presentation 9 11:40 11:50 Paper Presentation 10 11:50 12:00 Paper Presentation 11 12:00 12:10 Paper Presentation 12 12:10 12:20 Paper Presentation 13 12:20 12:30 Paper Presentation 14 12:30 12:40 Paper Presentation 15 12:40 12:50 Paper Presentation 16 12:50 13:00 Paper Presentation 17 13:00 13:10 Paper Presentation 18 11:30 13:00 Suite 8 (South Wing - Level +2 M) CAMOC Collections and Activities of Museums of Cities Emerging strategies, state-of-the-art project examples 11:30 11:35 Welcome and introduction Jelena Savic Detailed programme 11:35 11:40 Museum taking us into the city Jerneja Batič, Slovenia 203 Notes 11:40 11:45 Scotland s urban past Rebecca Bailey, United Kingdom 11:45 11:50 Immigraton and representation in São Paulo Carolina Vasconcellos Vilas Boas, Brazil 11:50 11:55 The concept of cultural landscapes in the Immigration Museum of the State of Sao Paulo Marília Bonas, Brazil 11:55 12:00 Nigeria s Brazilian quarters, the mandate of preserving public monuments and the issue of sustainable development in Nigeria Louisa Nnenna Onouha, Nigeria 12:00 12:05 Around the corner, how MAS uses its collections to connect to its diverse cultural landscapes Lieve Willekens, Belgium 12:05 12:10 Baraka A quarter for refugees. A best practice example how to design cultural landscape Susanne Anna, Germany 12:10 12:25 Discussion Looking into the future, new territories for city museums 12:25 12:30 Future of city museums in India Abdur Rasheed, India 12:30 12:35 The cultural heritage of suburbia The case of Greater Copenhagen Mette Tapdrup Mortensen, Denmark 12:35 12:40 The cultural landscape of street art in Italy Paola Boccalatte, Italy 12:40 12:45 The city museum and city Planning: The Museum of the city s experience Chet Orloff, United States 12:45 12:50 Reach - out Museum. New practices inside and outside the museum spaces Michela Bassanelli, Italy Francesca Lanz, Italy 12:50 13:00 Discussion 204 Notes 11:30 13:00 Amber Hall 1 (South Wing - Level +2) ICEE Exhibitions and Exchange Business Meeting and Elections 11:30 13:00 Amber Hall (South Wing - Level +2) CECA Education and Cultural Action Community/Participation/Interpretation Chair: Arja van Veldhuizen, The Netherlands 11:30 11:45 Cultural landscapes: Researching and promoting heritage education with a link between art and science Franca Zuccoli, Italy 11:45 12:00 Museum done by us: The cultural landscape as a product of an educational community Odalice Priosti,, Brazil Márcio Pinto De Oliveira, Brazil Nelson Pereira Mendonça Junior, Brazil 12:00 12:15 Find your public by bringing the collection to them Michael Fuhr, Germany Schools and environment Chair: Arja van Veldhuizen, The Netherlands 12:15 12:30 Museo Escolar Hugo Gunckel Marta Cerda Silva, Chile Miguel Hernández Mella, Chile Lita Vega Trujillo, Chile 12:30 12:45 Student reports from a historical flooding Anna Tiedink, The Netherlands 12:45 13:00 Discussion 11:30 13:00 Amber Hall 5 (South Wing - Level +2) CECA Education and Cultural Action Chair: Colette Dufresne-Tassé 11:30 11:45 Displaying & engaging visitors in difficult issues: A study of visitors comments on when the South wind blows exhibition Chia-Li Chen, Taiwan Hsu Huang, Taiwan Detailed programme 205 Notes 11:45 12:00 Impacts assessment of the Delphi s Region candidate for cultural capital of Europe on the local community Georg
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