Wonders of the Southwest: Plants & Wildlife in Grand Canyon National Park

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Description | The Grand Canyon is one of the world’s most spectacular sights, featuring diverse plant and animal communities. A Grand Canyon helicopter tour is one of the best ways to see this geological marvel.
   W ONDERS   OF   THE   PLANTS & WILDLIFE IN GRAND CANYON NATIONAL PARK   S OUTHWEST     A N   E COSYSTEM   T EEMING    WITH   L IFE   One of the planet’s most spectacular sights, Grand Canyon National Park is a feast for the eyes and hosts a  wonderful diversity of flora (plants) and fauna (animals). Grand Canyon National Park is home to: ã 129 different plant communities ã Nearly 150 mammal species We’ll take a look at some of the fascinating plants and animals that call this area home.  C OYOTE   ( CANIS LATRANS  ) The coyote has been known for centuries by many Native American groups as “the trickster” for its cleverness and sneaky antics. Highly social animals, coyotes are known for their raucous chorus of yips, yelps and howls, often heard at dusk. Turn your head away for just a moment and you might miss these wandering creatures  –   coyotes can run up to 40 miles per hour. Interesting Fact : To avoid being detected by predators like bears and wolves, coyotes will sometimes “tiptoe” to make as little noise as possible.   Y UCCA   (  HESPEROYUCCA WHIPPLEI  ) Yucca whipplei is a desert plant with a distinctive cluster of white flowers that sprouts up through the center of the plant. The plant’s leaves are pointed with sharp ends; the flower cluster blooms only after the plant is 5+ years old, after  which point the plant usually dies. Interesting fact : Yucca whipplei   was used extensively by the Native  Americans. Fiber from the leaves was used to make sandals and rope, and the flowers, seeds, and fruits were prepared and eaten.
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