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Features ã High-performance, low-power Atmel ® AVR ® XMEGA ® 8/16-bit Microcontroller ã Nonvolatile program and data memories – 16K - 128KBytes of in-system self-programmable flash – 4K - 8KBytes boot section – 1K - 2KBytes EEPROM – 2K - 8KBytes internal SRAM ã Peripheral Features – Four-channel event system – Four 16-bit timer/counters Three timer/counters with four output compare or input capture channels One timer/counter with two output compare or input capture channels High-resolution e
  Features  High-performance, low-power Atmel  ®   AVR  ®   XMEGA  ®   8/16-bit Microcontroller ã Nonvolatile program and data memories–16K - 128KBytes of in-system self-programmable flash–4K - 8KBytes boot section–1K - 2KBytes EEPROM–2K - 8KBytes internal SRAM ã Peripheral Features–Four-channel event system–Four 16-bit timer/countersThree timer/counters with four output compare or input capture channelsOne timer/counter with two output compare or input capture channelsHigh-resolution extension on two timer/countersAdvanced waveform extension (AWeX) on one timer/counter–Two USARTs with IrDA support for one USART–Two Two-wire interfaces with dual address match (I 2 C and SMBus compatible)–Two serial peripheral interfaces (SPIs)–CRC-16 (CRC-CCITT) and CRC-32 (IEEE 802.3) generator–16-bit real time counter (RTC) with separate oscillator–One twelve-channel, 12-bit, 200ksps Analog to Digital Converter–Two Analog Comparators with window compare function, and current sources–External interrupts on all general purpose I/O pins–Programmable watchdog timer with separate on-chip ultra low power oscillator–QTouch  ®   library supportCapacitive touch buttons, sliders and wheels ã Special microcontroller features–Power-on reset and programmable brown-out detection–Internal and external clock options with PLL and prescaler–Programmable multilevel interrupt controller–Five sleep modes–Programming and debug interfacePDI (program and debug interface) ã I/O and packages–34 programmable I/O pins–44 - lead TQFP–44 - pad VQFN/QFN–49 - ball VFBGA ã Operating voltage –1.6 – 3.6V ã Operating frequency –0 – 12MHz from 1.6V–0 – 32MHz from 2.7V Typical Applications  ã Industrial control ã Climate control ã Low power battery applications ã Factory automation ã RF and ZigBee  ®  ã Power tools ã Building control ã Motor control ã HVAC ã Board control ã Sensor control ã Utility metering ã White goods ã Optical ã Medical applications 8/16-bit AtmelXMEGA D4 Microcontroller ATxmega128D4ATxmega64D4ATxmega32D4ATxmega16D4  8135L–AVR–06/12  2 8135L–AVR–06/12 XMEGA D4 1.Ordering Information Notes:1.This device can also be supplied in wafer form. Please contact your local Atmel sales office for detailed ordering information.2.Pb-free packaging, complies to the European Directive for Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS directive). Also Halide free and fully Green.3.For packaging information see ”Packaging information” on page 61.4.Tape and Reel. Ordering CodeFlash [Bytes]EEPROM [Bytes]SRAM [Bytes]Speed [MHz]Power supplyPackage (1)(2)(3) Temp. ATxmega128D4-AU128K + 8K2K8K321.6 - 3.6V44A-40°C - 85°CATxmega128D4-AUR (4) 128K + 8K2K8KATxmega64D4-AU64K + 4K2K4KATxmega64D4-AUR (4) 64K + 4K2K4KATxmega32D4-AU32K + 4K1K4KATxmega32D4-AUR (4) 32K + 4K1K4KATxmega16D4-AU16K + 4K1K2KATxmega16D4-AUR (4) 16K + 4K1K2KATxmega128D4-MH128K + 8K2K8K44M1ATxmega128D4-MHR (4) 128K + 8K2K8KATxmega64D4-MH64K + 4K2K4KATxmega64D4-MHR (4) 64K + 4K2K4KATxmega32D4-MH32K + 4K1K4KATxmega32D4-MHR (4) 32K + 4K1K4KATxmega16D4-MH16K + 4K1K2KATxmega16D4-MHR (4) 16K + 4K1K2KATxmega128D4-CU128K + 8K2K8K49C2ATxmega128D4-CUR (4) 128K + 8K2K8KATxmega64D4-CU64K + 4K2K4KATxmega64D4-CUR (4) 64K + 4K2K4KATxmega32D4-CU32K + 4K1K4KATxmega32D4-CUR (4) 32K + 4K1K4KATxmega16D4-CU16K + 4K1K2KATxmega16D4-CUR (4) 16K + 4K1K2K Package type 44A 44-Lead, 10 x 10mm body size, 1.0mm body thickness, 0.8mm lead pitch, thin profile plastic quad flat package (TQFP) 44M1 44-Pad, 7 x 7 x 1mm body, lead pitch 0.50mm, 5.20mm exposed pad, thermally enhanced plastic very thin quad no lead package (VQFN) 49C2 49-Ball (7 x 7 Array), 0.65mm pitch, 5.0 x 5.0 x 1.0mm, very thin, fine-pitch ball grid array package (VFBGA)  3 8135L–AVR–06/12 XMEGA D4 2.Pinout/Block Diagram Figure 2-1. Block diagram and QFN/TQFP pinout. Note:1.For full details on pinout and pin functions refer to ”Pinout and Pin Functions” on page 51. 1234      4     4     4     3     4     2     4     1     4     0     3     9     3     8 5678910113332313029282726252423      3     7     3     6     3     5     3     4     1     2     1     3     1     4     1     5     1     6     1     7     1     8     1     9     2     0     2     1     2     2     P     A     0     P     A     1     P     A     2     P     A     3     P     A     4 PB0PB1PB3PB2PA7PA6PA5GNDVCCPC0      V     D     D     G     N     D PC1      P     C     2     P     C     3     P     C     4     P     C     5     P     C     6     P     C     7     P     D     0     P     D     1     P     D     2 PD3PD4PD5PD6VCCGNDPD7PE0PE1PE2PE3      R     E     S     E     T     /     P     D     I     P     D     I     P     R     0     P     R     1     A     V     C     C     G     N     D Power Supervision    P  o  r   t   A EVENT ROUTING NETWORK BUS matrixSRAMFLASHADCAC0:1OCDPort EPort DProg/DebugInterfaceEEPROMPort C    T   C   0  :   1 Event System Controller Watchdog Timer WatchdogOSC/CLK ControlReal TimeCounter Interrupt Controller DATA BUSDATA BUSPort R    U   S   A   R   T   0   T   W   I   S   P   I   T   C   0   U   S   A   R   T   0   S   P   I   T   C   0   T   W   I   P  o  r   t   B AREFAREFSleep Controller ResetController     I   R   C   O   M CRCCPUInternalreferencesInternaloscillatorsXOSCTOSC Digital functionAnalog function / OscillatorsProgramming, debug, testExternal clock / Crystal pinsGeneral Purpose I/OGroundPower   4 8135L–AVR–06/12 XMEGA D4 Figure 2-2. VFBGA pinout. Table 2-1. BGA pinout. 1234567A PA3AVCCGNDPR1PR0PDIPE3 B PA4PA1PA0GNDRESET/PDI_CLKPE2VCC C PA5PA2PA6PA7GNDPE1GND D PB1PB2PB3PB0GNDPD7PE0 E GNDGNDPC3GNDPD4PD5PD6 F VCCPC0PC4PC6PD0PD1PD3 G PC1PC2PC5PC7GNDVCCPD2 A BCDEFG 1 234567 A BCDEFG765432 1 Top viewBottom view
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