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  Yamaha Arranger Registrations Version 4.3.4 When working with registration files, some precautionary advise before using this program. ã   If you are working with setup.msi and have installed a previous copy of this program, use the Add/Remove Programs routine of Windows to uninstall that version prior to installing the latest version. If you are working with the file YamahaRegistrationManager.exe, navigate to the directory C:/Program Files/MBestsoft/YamahaRegistrationManager, and replace the file. The directory maybe C:/Program Files(X86) in later versions of Windows. The YamahaRegistrationManager.exe can also be used directly with the Run command. ã   Always maintain a set of backup registration files on your computer or a flash drive so that in the event of a loss of data either on the keyboard or computer you can rely on the backup file. ã   When converting registrations for use on a different keyboard, don’t overwrite the input registrations. Always store the converted registration in a different directory. ã   Create a My Registration for use in the program. Make settings on your keyboard that can be used to create new registration files or add a group to an existing registration using the program. A My Registration can be created from this setup created on your keyboard or from one of your existing registration files. (See creating My Registration) This program can be used for the following tasks: ã   Building new registration banks ã   Copying registrations from existing banks ã   Copying style and voice settings from existing banks ã   Editing settings contained in registration buttons ã   Add / Duplicate / Remove settings from registrations or a bank ã   Converting existing registrations to load on a different keyboard ã   Search for text in a registration bank or directory ã   Replace text in path names in a registration bank or directory ã   Preparing reports on the contents of banks  Starting the Program: When you open the program the first time, you will need to identify the target keyboard for all output. Highlight the keyboard name from the pull-down list and click “Select”. When you use the “Exit” button to end the session, the current target keyboard selection is saved. The next time you open the program the target keyboard will be set to this one. You can change the target keyboard at any time by clicking the “Change” button, which will open the pull down list again. Once a target keyboard has been identified, action buttons will appear that will give you access to the following tasks: 1.   Loading an existing registration bank for editing or conversion 2.   Open the Registration Builder to create new banks from existing banks 3.   Editing a registration (if “Empty” button line will create a new registration – see My Registration for more information) 4.   Write/Convert Registration bank – (when the editor is empty will create an empty registration file for the target keyboard). 5.   Perform a Bank Conversion where all the registration banks in a folder are converted to the target keyboard – see Bank Conversion for more information. 6.   Delete a bank from the computer files. 7.   Find / Replace text values in registration banks (Registration Name, Custom styles, Custom multipads, MIDI Song names, Audio Files and Text Files). 8.   Create reports of the button contents of one or more registration banks contained in a folder. Note: If you hold the mouse pointer over any of the buttons or areas, a short note of the task will be shown.   Load a Registration Bank: To load a registration bank for editing, or individual bank conversion, click the “Load Registration Bank” button. An Open dialog box will appear to select the registration file for editing. Only files with the type “RGT” will be shown. Select the file and click on “Open”. The source keyboard name will be shown above the target keyboard when a bank has been opened. Once a bank is loaded, an additional button will be available to duplicate / remove settings from the bank, see “Duplicate / Remove Settings”. The individual buttons will show the name currently assigned to the button. The name “NewRegist” on a line is the default name assigned on the keyboard if the user didn’t change the name of the button, and doesn’t indicate that it’s an available button. “Empty” means that there is nothing in the button. A blank line contains a registration, as some registration files have been saved without having a “Registration Name”. Clicking on an “Empty” line will add command buttons to “Copy External Registration”. If there are “Empty” lines in the bank, clicking on an existing registration will add a button to “Copy A Registration”, which will duplicate the highlighted button in the first “Empty” button. Clicking on an existing registration will also add a button to view the Groups saved in the registration. Create My Registration: On your keyboard, setup one button to contain your preferred settings that can later be used by the Bank Editor program for creating new registration buttons and for the Duplicate / Remove settings to add new groups to an existing registration. Be sure that all the group check boxes are checked when memorizing the settings to this button, so that all sections of the registration file will be available in your registration. Once this  bank has been loaded to the program, click on the line containing the registration you want to use as My Registration. A button will appear “Make My Registration Settings”, when clicked will open the Registration Editor. You can change any of the parameters before saving. After saving, this registration will be available to create new banks from scratch for any target keyboard, and can be used to add missing groups to existing registrations. After My Registration has been saved, a new button “Edit My Registration Settings” will appear. You can use this to adjust the default settings at any time for future use. The “Make My Registration” button will still be available to overwrite the current button file if you want to change its contents. This only needs to be done once when the program is first set up. A loaded registration looks like this: Create A New Registration: If the registration bank is totally empty, (all buttons are “Empty” at start up, or the command button “Clear All Registration Buttons” has been clicked, or there are “Empty” registration buttons), clicking on an “Empty” line and then the command button “Edit Registration” will load the My Registration file previously created into the Registration Editor. Update the Registration Name, and change settings as necessary and “Save” to finish adding a new registration button.
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